Responsibility Statement

I am Responsible. When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help, I want the hand of A.A. always to be there. And for that: I am responsible.

Nature Coast Intergroup

Nature Coast intergroup is a non- profit organization that consists of an association of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) groups in Citrus County, Florida which exists to help those groups carry the message to the alcoholic who still suffers.

What does Nature Coast Intergroup do?

Nature Coast Integroup (NCI) is a Citrus County organization, established and supported by local A.A. groups and members, to help carry the A.A message in the community. It is a partnership of A.A. groups just as an A.A. group is a partbership of individuals. NCI is incorporated in the state of Florida as a non-profit corporation. (see by-laws link to right)
NCI maintains a telephone help-line called the Hotline (352) 621-0599) which is manned 24 hours a day and available to help anyone in the community who may have a problem with alcohol. NCI relies on local A.A. group members to perform Twelfth-Step service. Service at intergroup in relation to the Hotline involves answering the phone, arranging A.A. members Twelfth-Step contact for newcomers, helping newcomers get rides to meetings, and other Twelfth-Step work with newcomers.
NCI also publishes the monthly NCI Journal (see jounal link to right) providing information about A.A. activities, anniversaries, and individual stories. This monthly newsletter helps groups keep informed about one another.
NCI publishes this website which includes updated local meeting lists (see W & W link to right) and a local web site with maps for each meeting. The website has three basic purposes, (1) HELP - for people to get help with a drinking problem; (2) FIND MEETINGS - for people to find A.A. meetings and resources nearby; (3) INFORMATION - for members to obtain info about NCI (including social events of Intergroup), District (Including meeting and workshops), Area and GSO; also friends and professionals to get general information about A.A. including access to the literature and history of A.A.
NCI is also the social arm of A.A. in Citrus County coordinating activities like the gratitude dinner, founders day breakfast, athletic events, dances, and picnics. (see calendar to right)
NCI is a resource for alcoholics and A.A. groups in our area. NCI welcomes communication and feedback on ways we can improve our organization. Your feedback is welcomed. (see feedback to right)

Important Links

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